Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshop Opportunities

Monday, March 11, 2019

Session 101
CA-AM (Certificate of Achievement - Alliance Management) Certification Exam Prep Workshop

Lynda McDermott, CA-AM
Equipro International

$1,099 ASAP Members
Note: Bundle price includes Certification Exam and a copy of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide ($380 value)

Do you want to validate and strengthen your alliance management expertise? Increase your alliance IQ and plan to attend this workshop as it explores and reinforces key alliance concepts that are covered in the CA-AM exam.

The knowledge exchange in this interactive professional development workshop will be strengthened by robust group discussion and case scenario analyses. The workshop will provide access to models, tools, and proven best practices that can be rapidly applied into your daily activities creating operating efficiencies that aim to improve results. This course will address the following topics: Alliance Life Cycle Framework, Strategic Rationale and Readiness, Alliance Selection, Alliance Execution, Planning and Organizing Skills, and Management and Leadership Skills.

Each participant will receive The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide—considered "the bible of partnering practice." Also included in the workshop fee is the online exam. The CA-AM prep workshop is a requirement for becoming certified.

"CA-AM training and certification provides a common language and a common set of processes and tools." — Mary Jo Struttmann, CA-AM, Astellas

Session 102
CSAP Exam Prep Workshop

$1,344 ASAP Members
Note: Bundle price includes Certification Exam and a copy of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide ($380 value)

Ann Trampas, CSAP
Practice Lead
Phoenix Consulting Group

Are you ready to take your career to the next level through CSAP certification? Attend this workshop to advance your knowledge and skills not just as an alliance management professional but as an alliance leader. It's time to distinguish yourself as one of the few who can say they have earned the highest-level professional certification available for a partnership professional.

Led by Ann Trampas an experienced CSAP-certified member and one of the lead curriculum developers, the workshop will include in-depth discussion with experienced alliance professionals from various industry verticals giving participants exposure to how they apply the alliance principles related to alliance strategy and partner selection.

Each module begins with a brief case scenario designed to spark conversation around key alliance management themes, reviews related concepts, and concludes with a summary of key takeaways. Based on the principles covered in The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide, this interactive course will address the following areas covered in the CSAP exam: Alliance Strategy and Partner Selection; Alliance Formation Processes; Managing Alliances; Developing Organizational Alliance Skillsets; and Fostering Collaborative Organizational Mindsets. The CSAP Workshop bundle includes the workshop, exam, and complimentary copy of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide.

Improve your chances of passing by preparing through experiential learning and knowledge sharing with the experts in the profession.

"My CSAP certification is a way of 'branding' my alliance experience and expertise and it demonstrates a level of seriousness about my field that I believe is a differentiator for me." — Donna Peek, CSAP, Genpact

Session 103
Alliance Management 101: The Fundamentals of Alliance Management

$950 ASAP Members | $1,140 Non-Members

David Thompson, CSAP
Chief Alliance Officer
Eli Lilly and Company

This introductory course, intended for new or experienced alliance managers, is a distillation of Eli Lilly and Company‚Äôs century of business alliance experience, led by one of the most skilled alliance managers in the field—David S. Thompson, Chief Alliance Officer. This course will provide case studies, tools and techniques used to train alliance managers at Lilly. Upon completion of this non-industry-specific course, students will have working knowledge of key alliance management concepts and the three phases of the alliance lifecycle—start-up, steady state, and wind-down. Students who attend this course will have the opportunity to participate in a pre-session discussion and survey and will receive a set of battle-tested alliance management tools.

Session 104
Building Your Collaborative Business Model

$550 ASAP Members | $650 Non-Members

*1/2 day workshop 8:30–11:30 a.m.

Dr. Ard-Pieter de Man, CSAP
School of Business and Economics
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Dr. Dave Luvison, CSAP
Sellinger School of Business and Management
Loyola University Maryland

Aligning partner interests is a core job for the alliance manager. The key to creating alignment is to develop a collaborative business model that ensures value creation and value capture for all partners involved. How solid is your alliance business model? This workshop discusses the three fundamental collaborative business models and helps to develop and diagnose the business models for your alliances. Guided through a step-by-step process of building business models, participants will apply these insights to their situations and learn to pay attention to main pitfalls in managing the business model. Participants will utilize practical checklists and concepts in this lively session that mixes working on assignments, group discussion, and feedback from peers. There will be immediate value for your alliances and alliance program.

Participants will walk away from this workshop with:

  • Insight into the strength of alliance collaborative business models
  • Points of improvement for your alliance business models
  • Checklists and operational agendas for managing collaborative business models