Advanced Alliance Series: Conflict Management
Presented by Dr. Victoria Dalton Ph.D. and alliance management and legal executives from Moderna and Eli Lilly and Company

Building on the success of other sold-out virtual workshops pioneered by executives from Eli Lilly and Company, this program further develops the core skills of alliance management, with a focus on conflict management. The instruction and practice are derived from Dr. Victoria Dalton's extensive clinical and professional coaching practice, and the experiences of a veteran patent attorney and general counsel Elizabeth Dingess-Hammond of Moderna, and David Thompson, Chief Alliance Officer of Eli Lilly and Company, focused on managing alliance conflict from their unique perspectives and experiences. Attendees of the workshop will be better prepared to manage conflict to value producing outcomes.

Obstacles exist in every business relationship. How they are managed both internally and externally is what can cause relationships to fail or help them become extraordinary. Conflict, occurs when those within the alliance disagree over values, interests, motivations, perceptions, ideas, and/or desires. Collaborative techniques can strengthen high performance process and capitalize on conflict to create better decisions and positively impact the alliance.

During this engaging "hands-on" workshop participants will learn the best ways to address and manage conflict in an alliance through classroom instruction, direct coaching and feedback, and conflict roleplay and practice based on real life scenarios.

Workshop exercises, including group activities, will help attendees develop and more finely tune their conflict management skills, as well as communication, influencing techniques. These skills and techniques will benefit alliance teams to better navigate day to day situations whereby issues and conflict arises that can potentially affect or even stall the success and timeline of the alliance.

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Vickie Dalton, PsyD
HSPP and Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Victoria Dalton, PsyD, HSPP, is a forensically trained psychologist with dual specialties in forensic and clinical psychology. A large portion of her practice is to effectively address and manage conflict within the legal and business worlds. Specifically, Dr. Dalton frequently engages in court-ordered high-conflict family work as well as providing consultation services to both business and legal professionals attempting to manage their most difficult clientele. She presents and has testified on the topics of conflict resolution, high-conflict families, criminal psychopathy, grief and loss, substance abuse, and personality disorders. Dr. Dalton practices in the Indianapolis area and can be reached at

Elizabeth Dingess-Hammond
Chief of Staff & Senior Director, Legal Operations

Elizabeth Dingess-Hammond is the Chief of Staff to the Chief Legal Officer and Senior Director, Legal Operations at Moderna. Using her background in Science and Law with insight from her 24-year career in the pharma industry, Elizabeth focuses on delivering an innovative approach to Legal Operations that focuses on people, processes, and technology to maximize efficiency. Prior to her role at Moderna, Elizabeth moved through the ranks of Eli Lilly and Company from organic chemist to patent attorney to Chief Legal Operations Officer. She also spent a year in the Eli Lilly and Company Office of Alliance Management.

Elizabeth earned her BA and MS in Chemistry from West Virginia University and her JD from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Elizabeth is a fierce advocate for initiatives promoting women and DEI. She lives in Indianapolis, IN with her husband, Derek, their two sons, Josh and Morgan, and their three labs, Riley, Cooper, and Fayelene.

David S. Thompson, CSAP
Chief Alliance Officer
Eli Lilly and Company

David is an internationally recognized alliance architect and alliance builder, specializing in making alliances productive and profitable with a track record of: designing and operating effective and efficient alliances; successfully managing and negotiating alliance conflict; and developing high performing alliance management teams. David has published over 33 articles on the topic of alliance management and has been sought out by fortune 100 companies outside of the pharma industry to consult on their alliance management programs. David regularly teaches alliance management courses as a guest lecturer at universities and has taught scores of alliance managers not only from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, but also high tech, insurance, petroleum, funeral, automobile, and financial services industries. David also serves as a board member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

Currently, David is the chief alliance officer at Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly). As the leader of Lilly's alliance management group, David is responsible for establishing and maintaining all major development, commercial, and manufacturing partnerships. He also oversees the integration of companies brought into Lilly via mergers and acquisitions. David has played a key role in many major alliances and acquisitions at Lilly, working with Boehringer Ingelheim, Amylin, Daiichi Sankyo and IMCLONE. His involvement begins during the due diligence process and continues throughout each alliance's lifecycle.

Prior to his role as chief alliance officer, David held leadership positions in sales, marketing, market research, pricing, new product planning, business development, and corporate strategy.