Software Companies Partnering Through a Major M&A to Create Value

A merger or acquisition can be exciting, unexpected, or anxiety-producing–or all of the above. But what effects does it have on alliances that will be expected to continue operating and producing value? This presentation looks at how to leverage specific partnering practices to help alliances successfully create value during–and after–a merger or acquisition.

The presenters will provide a case study on how a strategic alliance between two tech companies faced a large merger of one of the strategic partners. In the end, the partnership grew and the partners supported each other along the journey.

When Ultimate Software merged with Kronos to form UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) the goal was to merge the partner programs and marketplaces of these two organizations. The merger doubled the size of each company, grew their strategic partnerships into one united program, and resulted in more products and solutions available to customers–thus producing competitive advantage, increasing sales, and driving success for all stakeholders.

This presentation will examine issues faced by UKG and a strategic partner, HRSoft, at key points along the merger timeline, including specific lessons learned about how partnerships can be successfully managed through the M&A process, such as:


Matt Hammack
Partner Alliance Manager
Ultimate Kronos Group



Ezra Schneier
Corporate Development Officer

Ezra Schneier is Corporate Development Officer with HRSoft, Inc. In that role, he oversees strategic alliances and partnerships to support company growth and client success. Based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and Maitland, Florida, HRSoft is an innovative talent management software company.

The company offers innovative solutions for compensation management, employee rewards communication and continuous performance management. HRSoft is also the leader in low-code software development for work technology.