How to Build a Robust & Diverse Ecosystem Non-Profit Platform

In recent years, the concept of ecosystems has gained significant prominence, particularly in for-profit corporations. But for non-profits, the ecosystem plays an even more critical role, allowing them to greatly increase their impact for the individuals they serve. But what does a non-profit ecosystem look like? How is it structured and how does it differ from a for-profit ecosystem? Incorporating technology providers, government agencies, corporate sponsors, healthcare providers and more, the non-profit ecosystem must be shaped by the unique needs of the individuals and communities it serves.

In this session, the presenters share a real-life example of an award-winning non-profit ecosystem and discuss how one non-profit is leveraging a wide array of partnerships to build a dynamic and impactful ecosystem in the service of women veterans. With a focus on wellness, safety, and transition, this organization's ecosystem ensures that the women who have served and sacrificed for their country are equipped with the resources necessary to assist them through all stages of their military transition. Learn how this non-profit is building a more robust and diverse ecosystem by:


Claudia Kuzma, CA-AM
Managing Director - Global Ecosystems

Claudia is a Managing Director leading Protiviti's Global Ecosystem Program. She is focused on building a sustainable and impactful world class ecosystem strategy, methodology and framework to identify, develop and expand key third-party alliances for Protiviti. She collaborates across Protiviti's global leadership to identify ways to enhance our offerings with ecosystem partners in a meaningful way.

She has over 20 years in Alliance Management where she has helped consulting and technology firms develop world class ecosystems that deliver innovative solutions to clients in a dynamic world.

Claudia earned a master's degree in liberal studies and a bachelor's degree in organizational communication at North Center College in Naperville IL. She also holds Certificate of Achievement - Alliance Management from the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. Claudia sits on the Board of Directors of the Women's Veteran Interactive Foundation, whose mission is to assist women transitioning from military to civilian life.

Nancy Ridge
Ridge Innovative

Nancy Ridge is founder and president of Ridge Innovative and a committed ecosystem strategist. She brings over 25 years' experience as a trusted advisor to her clients, with a laser focus on enabling business outcomes through technology. In addition, Ridge offers programs for developing channels, leadership, team selling and one on one professional coaching.

Previously, Nancy was EVP of a leading national master agency. Over 14 years, she built the company's partner program to offer a personalized approach delivering partner growth. Ridge focused on business plan modeling, breakthrough sales strategies, ongoing training and competitive commissions in a collaborative environment.

Nancy was VP of sales for ATI, where she was responsible for creating and managing the indirect sales channel. Prior to that she was a vice president for a consulting firm that pioneered the telecom expense management and was also a principal in a demand-side energy service company for 10 years.

Nancy regularly speaks on panels, acts as a moderator and serves as a keynote on topics ranging from technology to mentoring and gender diversity. She is the co-founder and past president of the Alliance of Channel Women.