Building Partnerships at the Federal Level: The Homeland Advantage

Both the pandemic and recent geopolitical trends have brought supply chain issues and other economic threats to businesses into sharper focus. Supply chain delays and disruptions have become a fact of life–but what happens when the actions of malign foreign actors are thrown into the mix? This presentation will provide a strategic overview of leading economic security threats, with special focus on supply chain integrity. It will give context to threats by malign foreign actors, including their preferred tactics, and the second- and third-order impacts felt across the economy. This overview is designed for organizations in the private sector who would like to gain a strategic understanding of the threat environment to inform their plans for reducing the risk from foreign adversaries. In this presentation we will discuss:


Tammy Padilla
Program Manager, Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program
Department of Homeland Security Intelligence and Analysis, Partner Engagement

Tammy manages the Public-Private Analytic Exchange for the Department of Homeland Security Intelligence and Analysis, Partner Engagement, Private Sector Office. Tammy is responsible for facilitating collaborative partnerships between members of private sector and teams of experience U.S. government analysts to provide a better understanding of select national security and homeland security issues. She but has been with the DHS I&A for 15 years. There she has spent the last six years building and strengthening partnership with government and private sector partners. Prior to working with DHS, Ms. Padilla served 23 years in the U.S. Army as an administrative officer taking on numerous duties and assignments.

Tammy holds a Master of Science in Quality Systems Management and is a graduate of the Partnership for Public Service Excellence in Government Fellows Program.

Mitch Zink
Senior Intelligence Officer, Economic Security Mission Center, Office of Intelligence & Analysis
Department of Homeland Security

Mitch is the Senior Intelligence Officer for the Economic Security Mission Center, where he manages the research, review, and strategic planning of analytic production focused on threats to supply chains, intellectual property, trade, and economic influence. In this role, he seeks to improve the uniqueness and impact of intelligence through partnerships with customers and stakeholders who can provide data or analytic insights relevant to national and homeland security. He has been with DHS for 6 years, previously serving as a Senior Editor for analytic production and an Intelligence Briefer for senior DHS leadership. Prior to working with DHS, Mr. Zink was a Policy Analyst with the Department of Defense focused on compliance and regulatory enforcement.

A native of New York, Mitch spends his free time conducting historical and genealogical research and has served on historic preservation and community development boards in his adopted Virginia neighborhood.