Align, Prioritize, and Direct: AI & Alliance Management

Since ASAP and top companies first professionalized the discipline of alliance management beginning in the late 1990s, it has become established and has been constantly evolving to meet new market conditions and business needs. Accordingly, senior executives have ratcheted up their expectations. Yesterday's "great" becomes today's baseline.

Leading alliances to the next level will take more than just doing the same things better. It will require innovative new approaches underpinned by systems logic and technology. Meanwhile, alliance teams must compete for scarce resources within their organizations, sorting through financial, operational, organizational, and behavioral information, and facing daunting tradeoffs. Each new tool they employ adds more complexity.

BTD and its partner CerteVerus AI offer an approach to using artificial intelligence to help skilled alliance professionals leverage all alliance information–including metrics, work plans, diagnostics, and operating models. Our presenters will explain this approach, called the Align-Prioritize-Direct Compass. They will illuminate the ways in which the A-P-D Compass can provide alliance professionals with deeper insights into management "pressure points" and help them prioritize interventions in specific alliances, make appropriate tradeoffs across alliance portfolios, facilitate decision making, and amplify their expertise, driving alliance excellence in the process.


Nick Palmer

Nick Palmer is an internationally recognized expert on alliance management and has three decades of experience helping clients accelerate growth through strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in energy, pharmaceutical and tech. Nick was an original ASAP Board member and lead partner for Accenture's Alliances & JV Practice. Now as a Partner at BTD, Nick's immediate focus is on bringing M&A practices and artificial intelligence tools to alliance management.

Charles Picasso
Former CEO
IHS Markit



Mike Princi
CerteVersus AI