Session 111
Defining Moments from the Entrepreneurial Front Line

More than 90% of startups fail. Founding a startup, getting to revenue and scaling is a monumental task.

In the United States:

Entrepreneurial leadership is defined by a series of decisions requiring focus on the company's value proposition and core competencies as the business and its direction are assessed. An entrepreneur's ability to define what is done internally versus through partnerships is critical. More importantly, an entrepreneur's ability to effectively build an ecosystem of alliance partners and collaboration is essential to survive, scale, and flourish.

Research has shown that women exhibit qualities–such as cooperativeness, averse to competition, more emphasis on common good vs. private good, and aversion to inequality–that are key ingredients for developing successful alliances.2

Join us as we learn how two female entrepreneurs are forming alliances to help their business scale for accelerating go-to-market, investment funding, creating breakthroughs, and building a highly functional, sustainable company.

Learn actionable, practical advice from CEOs on:


2Gender and Cooperativeness: Evidence from Strategic Alliances, Academy of Management 2018


Nellie Scott, CA-AM
Sr. Manager, Growth Markets
North America Alliances and Channels

SAS Institute

Nellie is a sales professional with over 17 years' experience in Technology sales management, marketing, and operations in both domestic and international markets. Her career spans across companies such as Dell, where she served as Senior Services Sales Manager prior to joining Lenovo as Director of Sales Support & Channel Enablement. In her current position as Sr. Manager, Growth Markets, North America Alliances and Channels, Nellie leads a team responsible for developing, executing and managing partner strategies focused on accelerating partner-driven sales and productivity in the U.S. and Canada.

A skilled leader and communicator, Nellie began her career in California, where she attended and taught at the University of Southern California. Most recently, she was named Member of the Year-2020 by CompTIA, the world's largest technology association, and featured in CompTIA World tech industry magazine Press Release:

Her philosophy is simple "…Nothing happens in an organization until somebody sells something to somebody; and if you don't sell total solutions–someone else will."


Shalini Kasliwal
Founder & CEO

Shalini Kasliwal is the Founder & CEO of JoinEight, the first AI-powered intelligence platform to provide a strategic approach to candidate sourcing and engagement. A resourceful and solution-oriented serial entrepreneur, Shalini has deep insight into the recruitment process from all sides, at all levels, and is one of the few corporate leaders and SMEs to witness the grassroots struggles of sourcing. Having built teams across the US and APAC and EMEA, she is uniquely positioned to reimagine and rebuild the sourcing paradigm from the ground up.

Rachel Kuperman, MD
CEO & Co-Founder

Rachel Kuperman, MD is the CEO and co-founder of Eysz, an early stage startup developing a digital health platform to measure disease progression, intervention efficacy and side effects to assist clinicians in developing a personalized care plan for people with epilepsy. Epilepsy affects 70 million people worldwide. There is a significant need to improve QOL for people with epilepsy by speeding up time to seizure freedom while minimizing side effects. The company spun out of her research showing that eye movement analysis can be used to detect seizures. Eysz has been recognized by the Epilepsy Foundation, IEEE/NIH, NSF and most recently by the International Society for Optics and Photonics. Prior to co-founding Eysz, Rachel was the Medical Director of the Pediatric Epilepsy Program at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland for 10 years. She was the principal investigator in multiple clinical trials for the treatment of epilepsy from neonates with acute seizures to adults with genetic epilepsy. Rachel received her undergraduate training in physics from UCSD before attending UCSF Medical School, pediatrics training at NYU, Child Neurology Fellowship at Columbia, and Epilepsy Fellowship at UCSF.