Session 107
ASAP Mindful Moment and Virtual Lunch Break/Networking

Mindfulness is a type of meditation where one's focus is on the present moment. It is giving ourselves the permission to simply noticing our feelings, thoughts or body sensations without attaching meaning or judgments to them.

In a world where our lives have been thrusted to less time in between meetings, more of us are burning out. Mindfulness is a way we can avoid burnout and reduce stress by simply allowing ourselves to be present.

Studies show that with practicing just ten minutes of mindfulness, it can work wonders for our brains by helping us focus and find our calm. Finding moments of stillness can be found in the simple moments throughout the day.

You will be guided on a short meditation as well as receive every day mindfulness life hacks.

Who can practice?
All levels are welcomed and encouraged to join! You don't need any prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation.

What if I can't find stillness?
Bring no expectations to this practice. All you are doing is observing and noticing without judgments or analyzing yourself.


Monica Gonzalez
Sustainability Marketing Lead

Monica Gonzalez is the Sustainability Marketing Lead at Citrix. Currently, she is responsible for creating and managing the marketing strategy for Citrix's Sustainability initiatives. She is also one of the architects of the Mindfulness Movement at Citrix, a grassroots employee movement that began in 2018.

She has been a mindful practitioner for the past 20 years using several forms of mindful activities. Not only does she facilitate mindful meditations but is also a certified Yoga instructor who has been teaching for 9 years in the Miami area.

Monica's passion of wellbeing not only is part of her own practice but extends out to her community by being an active lead and inspirational speaker in many community events.