Session 106
Bayer and Evotec - From a Single Alliance to a Truly Preferred Partnership

In 2012 a first strategic alliance in the field of endometriosis was formed, that served as a very successful model recognized both internally (e.g., Bayer Drug Discovery Award 2015) and externally (e.g., ASAP Individual Alliance Excellence Award Finalist 2017), and has achieved four clinical assets so far.

Based on this initial success, Bayer and Evotec have jointly, systematically and continuously searched for additional opportunities of working together in a variety of fields and indications, covering the value chain all the way from target discovery to preclinical development.

As a result, additional joint activities in kidney diseases, heart and vascular diseases and polycystic ovary syndrome have been initiated, with additional joint activities currently still under evaluation.

In the presentation we will discuss and share:


Steve Courtney, PhD
Senior Vice President, Global Alliance Management
Evotec AG

Steve has worked in the drug discovery industry for more than 25 years predominantly in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery leadership roles at Evotec and at the UK biotech, Oxford GlycoSciences.

Over the past 2-3 years he has played an integral role in establishing Alliance Management as a core function at Evotec, working alongside executive leadership to ensure best practices are employed throughout the broad collaboration portfolio.

Christoph Huwe, CSAP, PhD
Strategic Alliance Manager Therapeutics
Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals

Christoph has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in different roles at Bayer (Germany), Berlex Biosciences (USA) and Schering AG (Germany).

He has been responsible for alliances and consortia in Europe, the US and China for more than 10 years, covering various therapeutic areas.

He is also a founding member of Bayer's Alliance Community Excellence team focussing on alliance management capability development, and has served as member of the Pharma Industry Benchmarking Forum and the EFPIA Industry Liaison Group.