Session 404
Integrated Joint Alliance Marketing Best Practices: How to Establish Joint Marketing Moments That Drive Impact

People remember "moments," and it is a moment that captures their attention. But how do you make a moment that drives impact? Every company selling a product wants to reach their customers and prospects with impact, however, customers are changing their behaviors and are often consuming information from multiple sources. As a result, it is becoming harder to reach and connect to them with a traditional marketing approach.

Alliance professionals understand the value of partnering with alliances and delivering joint solutions to customers. Customers usually aren't looking for an individual product, but rather a complete solution that addresses their pain points. Marketing should do the same and speak to the customer through the customer's needs.

So how do alliance professionals deliver a marketing message that: creates a moment, sells a solution, speaks to buyer needs, and do it with a reduced marketing budget? It's not easy, but with an integrate approach to their marketing strategy, they can establish a cadence of moments that bring visibility and awareness, and drive pipeline.

In this interactive workshop session attendees will learn:


Liz Fuller, CA-AM
Senior Director, Alliance Marketing