Session 302
Navigating the Differences between Alliances and Integration – 'Snowboarding for Skiers'

Successes by strategic alliance professionals in building and strengthening their firm's alliances and JVs are leading many leaders to look to these teams for support in merger and acquisition integration. This is a tribute to the skills of these professionals, yet it poses new challenges. While there are similarities between alliances and M&A, there are also important differences that could "trap" unaware managers.

During this interactive session participants will work in teams on a case study led by the speakers and senior ASAP members. Teams will approach the case study in one of two ways, M&A integration and as an alliance. Discussion teams will present their recommendations and plans with the panel and group who will provide feedback on each plan.

Participants will come away from the session:


Carlos Keener
Managing Partner
BTD Consulting




David Olsson
BTD Consulting




Nick Palmer
Managing Director
BTD Consulting