Session 207
Biopharma Commercial Alliance Management Challenges

The commercial phase of a biopharma alliance brings a new set of challenges to alliance managers. Our panel of experts shares their insights from a vast range of experiences with commercial alliances on a global scale. Bring your questions and join a lively discussion about:


Jan Twombly, CSAP
The Rhythm of Business

Jan Twombly, CSAP, is President of The Rhythm of Business, Inc. For nearly 20 years Twombly has served as a trusted, expert advisor to global and emerging companies. She works as an extension of the partnering and alliance management team, helping them develop their ability to accelerate outcomes from partnering and alliances. Partnering with the executive suite, she helps companies reach higher levels of alliance success by integrating partnering into all aspects of the business.

A few of the many companies she has worked with include Abbott, Astellas, AT&T, Bayer, Becton Dickinson, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Colgate-Palmolive, Dun & Bradstreet, EMC, Equifax, FIS, IBM, Intel, Novartis, Sanofi, Shire, and Xerox.

Twombly serves on the Executive and Management Committee of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), and contributed to The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management. Together with business partner Jeffrey Shuman, Twombly has a rich history of developing, publishing, and presenting strategic and practical thinking that advances the art and science of partnering and alliance management.


Brooke Paige, CSAP
Former Vice President Alliance Management
Pear Therapeutics




David S. Thompson, CSAP
Chief Alliance Officer
Eli Lily and Company

David is an internationally recognized alliance architect and alliance builder, specializing in making alliances productive and profitable with a track record of: designing and operating effective and efficient alliances; successfully managing and negotiating alliance conflict; and developing high performing alliance management teams. David has published over 20 articles on the topic of alliance management and has been sought out by fortune 100 companies outside of the pharma industry to consult on their alliance management programs. David regularly teaches alliance management courses as a guest lecturer at universities and has taught scores of alliance managers not only from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, but also high tech, insurance, petroleum, funeral, automobile, and financial services industries. David also serves as a board member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals.

Currently, David is the chief alliance officer at Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly).As the leader of Lilly's alliance management group, David is responsible for establishing and maintaining all major development, commercial, and manufacturing partnerships. He also oversees the integration of companies brought into Lilly via mergers and acquisitions. David has played a key role in many major alliances and acquisitions at Lilly, working with Boehringer Ingelheim, Amylin, Daiichi Sankyo and IMCLONE. His involvement begins during the due diligence process and continues throughout each alliance's lifecycle.

Prior to his role as chief alliance officer, David held leadership positions in sales, marketing, market research, pricing, new product planning, business development, and corporate strategy.

Andrew Yeomans
Global Alliance Lead

Global Alliance Leader at UCB, based in Brussels, Belgium, Andrew is focused on optimizing value for significant strategic alliances with Amgen and Sanofi as well as continuing to refine best alliance practices for UCB and its major alliance partnerships. Andrew currently optimizes value as major launches actively take place within his alliance portfolio for his company, that span the globe, with a particular focus on Commercial launch and Development collaborations.

Other positions he has held include Global Director of Alliance Management at Merck-Serono where he was actively involved in leading several key alliances, within Europe, China, Japan, and Korea.

Prior to this, he was instrumental in setting up an Alliance Management function and culture for ALK-Abello A/S as the partner, Schering Plough was preparing for launches in the USA & Canada.

He has over 27 years of global experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, while his early career was within Corporate Sales and Marketing Leadership positions, focusing on Europe, Asia and North America. During this time as a result of leading a number of successful product launches and Commercial collaborations, he evolved naturally into formal Alliance Management over 14 years ago.

Andrew is highly active within ASAP as a Certified Strategic Alliance Professional, CSAP and has been a member of several Regional Chapters. He has also researched and presented on the subject of cross-cultural influences within the global alliance community on a number of occasions. Andrew is a Registered Pharmacist in the UK and has an MBA from Henley Business School.