Session 704
There is No Such Thing as a Competitor!

To be successful in business today, companies must think beyond their own borders. Regardless of size, life stage, industry, etc. businesses have one thing in common–limited resources. There never seems to be enough people, time, or money! Strategies and priorities are further challenged by externalities including macroeconomics, business trends, and political landscapes. To achieve best outcomes, companies must do what may seem like the unthinkable–turn to their competitors for help.

Melissa Monk is a senior executive at Equifax. Equifax is a large Fortune 500, publicly-traded company that focuses on transforming data into insights so that consumers can live their best financial lives and companies can better manage their risks. Melissa Townsley is chief executive officer of Giact. Giact is a small, fast growing company focusing on protecting consumers and companies in the areas of identity and fraud in lending and payment ecosystems. These two "competitors turned collaborators" will share their experiences and insights on how to achieve best outcomes in constrained environments via co-opetition.


Melissa Monk
Sales Group Manager




Melissa Townsley