The 2023 ASAP Global Alliance Summit

Alliance Excellence Awards Nominations

ASAP will announce the finalists for the 2023 ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards at the upcoming conference in Tampa, Florida. Be a part of the celebration and submit a nomination!

Why submit a nomination?

  • Celebrates excellence in alliance management
  • Honors the teams and companies that exemplify great alliance practice
  • Motivate your alliance team in the quest for excellence
  • Brings visibility and accolades through press releases and media
  • Be recognized by your partners and industry peers
  • Contribute to a body of knowledge that promotes excellence in the profession

2023 ASAP Alliance Excellence Awards Quick Nomination Feedback Form

Companies may submit a form to obtain feedback regarding a potential nomination. Feedback will be provided by the awards committee chairman, Ard-Pieter de Man. This feedback will likely be valuable in gaining some insight on key information the awards committee will find helpful. Deadline to receive this type of feedback is Friday, December 9, 2022. It is not required for companies to submit a nomination feedback form to submit a complete nomination.

Once quick nomination feedback form review is complete, all companies interested in moving forward MUST submit a "complete nomination" in the appropriate category. This quick nomination feedback form is not considered a "complete nomination". Complete nominations are due by Friday, January 6, 2023.

If you have any questions or need any guidance in your nomination, please contact awards committee chair Ard-Pieter de Man or ASAP Marketing & Content Director, Kimberly Miller at

For more information and to submit today click here